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Palms greased, millions siphoned, hundreds killed in riots or natural disasters, corruption, scams, murders, road rage, student rebellions, terror attacks….. Sounds familiar?

There is more – garbage on streets, traffic and pollution. And it doesn’t end there.

The negativity that surrounds us is appalling. Almost every news channel, television or print, runs a detailed analysis of what’s WRONG with India on a daily basis. The negative is always sensational; it grabs attention, gets more TRPs, stresses the already stressed viewer/reader and possibly makes good business sense.

Does this negativity define India? 

Is sensationalism our staple?

Do we have anything going right in this glorious nation?

NO, we aren’t the ostriches dreaming of a ‘Perfect India’! We just want to find the ‘Positive India’, which seems to have been lost in this cacophony. Surprisingly, there is enough positivity around – in our policies, even with our imperfect governments; in our leadership, even with our blemished politicians; in our youth, even with their flared tempers; in our heritage, even with our overbearing conservatism; in our lives, even with it’s vagaries.



It hopes to be the food for the soul; the inspiration to our teeming millions; the flame that shall light up the dark corners of every mind; the stage that shall hold the banner of many unsung victories and success stories. Stories that lay untouched. Stories that had been ignored for long. Stories that were hidden for being insignificant. Stories of initiatives, stories that bring out the true spirit of India, stories that are real; the non-sensational threads that bind us. We want all of us to see this BIG, POSITIVE PICTURE!

And it all starts with this website but it doesn’t end here. We are trying to make a small difference but we can’t do it alone. Join us in this initiative.

Be a part of INDIA POSITIVE.